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DigiPAL Provides a New Pathway For GALVESTON Locals and Vacationers to Your Business

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

As you may know GuestPal, "the little blue book" for Galveston Vacationers now has a valuable digital component,, or what we like to call DigiPAL.

DigiPal was created to offer all of the same resources as the time tested magazine and more, all in one easy-to access website. Now advertisers have the opportunity to brand their business and sell their products and services online to Galveston vacationers and locals alongside relevant and easy to find Galveston vacation content.


GuestPAL is happy to announce that we recently added a chat feature to the site. Visitors that have questions, can click the pink word balloon on the bottom right hand page to register for chat and type in their message. Like most modern website chat features, if we are not available for live chat, the messages will default to email and will be answered within 24-hours.

In addition to chat, GuestPAl continues to build up the content on the site. The more valuable content we create, the more satisfied users we will serve. New content includes: Travel, Vacation and Lifestyle content, business additions to the site directory coupon offers, and advertorial and more.


Bronco  Burrito Profile

All Galveston businesses are eligible to receive, and likely already have, a free profile on on DigiPAL. Search The Directory on the site to see if your business is displayed. if it isn't, contact with your business name, phone number, website, and address so that we may add you to the directory.

The way to really put this tool to work for your business is to purchase an upgraded profile which will allow us to add an extensive business description that is searchable onsite, indexed by the major search engines and relevantly categorized throughout the site. Other features of the full profile are:

  • a spot on our interactive map, which allows customers to find you and even navigate to you,

  • links to your website and all social profiles,

  • an extensive Image gallery,

  • business videos that can be streamed from YouTube and/or Vimeo,

  • click to call or message mobile phone number and email.

The upgraded DigiPAL profile is very affordable and a value that all Galveston businesses should take full advantage of. Here is an example from one of our newest advertisers, Bronco Burrito.

All Paid Profiles will be featured on the homepage of and in your business' unique category(ies).


Many advertisers choose a plan that allows them to post a coupon. Coupons offer a great opportunity to introduce new customers to your products and services. You may have a new product, excess inventory or you may just want to see new faces in your place of business. DigiPal Coupons provide a great tool to accomplish all of this. Check out out our coupon page to view current offers.


Sometimes the best way to get the word out about your product or services is with a written story. Advertisers can choose a package that includes our Advertorial Section call "Hidden Gems." Our staff will publish a written piece or video from you or your website, or even interview you to produce a new content piece about your products and services. Here are some examples of our Hidden Gems:


Another premium option is to purchase a package which includes a Digital Display Ad that is designed with HTML5 animation and in Standard Advertising Unit (SAU) sizes. Your display ads will be designed in several sizes to work with the desktop site as well as mobile devices. Your display ad is linked to your website or onsite profile. Once your ad has been designed, proofed and approved, it becomes your property. You may decide to use it on other sites or networks such as the Google Display Network. Your digital display ads will be served throughout the site and on our monthly consumer newsletter. GuestPAL has the installed the technology to handle this ad serving service for clients on a case by case basis, email for more details on this opportunity. Here are some samples of our Digital Display Ads.


Below you will find the page to download the full media kit, a very helpful video, and DigiPAL pricing page from the media kit. As always, we thank our advertisers for allowing us to provide great content and offers for Galveston vacationers and Locals. Click here to find the details on setting up an advertising no obligation sales call. We can come to you or talk to you via ZOOM at a time that is convenient.



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