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Introducing DigiPAL - A Big Part of GuestPAL 2.0

It’s Here! It’s Here! GuestPAL’s DigiPAL!

Here we go! The official launch of GuestPAL’s digital version has been released in tandem with the new edition of GuestPAL’s longstanding printed “little blue” magazine. We have dubbed the printed version “PrintPAL” and the digital version “DigiPAL”. DigiPAL has everything the “little blue” magazine has in it and a lot more! You will find DigiPAL easy to use, versatile, very informative, and “living”. In other words, DigiPAL -- because it is online with our own digital team updating info daily -- your message and any pertinent information about what’s happening in Galveston for visitors can be changed pronto without waiting for the next printed edition of the PrintPAL magazine. Yet, it’s all still GuestPAL! Thank you visitors, readers, hotel distributors, advertisers, and others who have made GuestPAL a part of Galveston’s visiting community for nearly 20 years! Enjoy the new GuestPAL!

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