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Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe

Hey Now! You have come to the right place when you take the time to visit the most famous singer/songwriter venue on the Island. That would be the Old Quarter Acoustic Café located at 413 20th St. in Galveston. Known for hosting live artists performing original music on the Island, the “Old Quarter” (as it is affectionately known) has a long history of being the “go to” listening room in Galveston. This venue hosts key singer/songwriters, such as Hayes Carll, Two Tons of Steel, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Scott H. Biram, Shake Russell, Kevin Anthony & G-Town, Lisa Morales, Jeff Plankenhorn, Robert Kuhn & Galvezton, Gabe Wootton, Madam Radar, Adam & Chris Carroll, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Zac Wilkerson, Marina Rocks, Wrecks Bell

(y’all remember him, right?), Janet Bell and many, many others. And -- as busy as this venue stays with performers and artists with large followings -- it continues to foster lesser-known talent with an occasional “open mic” night. And, as tradition has it, once a year – January 1, New Year’s day – the Old Quarter hosts its annual “wake” dedicated to Townes Van Zandt, a legend in his own time and a key player in the annals of singer/songwriter history. So whether you find yourself on “vacay” on the Island or maybe you are BOI (Born on the Island) wanting to kick back for some laid-back fun or perhaps you are IBC (Islander By Choice) looking to expand your go-to music venue choices on the Island, take time to visit the Old Quarter Acoustic Café for a night of listening pleasure! You’ll be glad you did!

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