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Reach Galveston's Affluent Vacationer Market with GuestPAL Magazine and

GuestPAL Magazine in Galveston, Texas is a must-have publication for businesses looking to target the lucrative island tourist and vacationer market with discretionary income. With its wide readership, GuestPAL offers a valuable advertising platform that ensures businesses reach this desirable audience.

One of the standout features of GuestPAL is its affordability. Unlike many competitors who require significant upfront investments, GuestPAL offers EZ-Payment Plans, allowing advertisers to opt for monthly payments. This flexibility in billing makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to access this prime advertising opportunity without breaking the bank.

GuestPAL Magazine is not only available in print but also has a strong online presence at The digital platform has experienced a remarkable 30% increase in Monthly Unique Users and PageViews, indicating a growing online readership. Advertisers can take advantage of the platform's diverse advertising options, including animated digital display ads, robust online business profiles, and effective email marketing campaigns.

Additionally, GuestPAL offers attractive Print and Digital bundled packages. This allows businesses to maximize their visibility by combining print advertising in the magazine with a digital presence, ensuring they reach their target audience through multiple channels.

Setting up a no obligation meeting with GuestPAL and viewing their media kit is highly recommended for businesses looking to tap into the Galveston market. This will provide a comprehensive understanding of the advertising features and benefits offered by GuestPAL and help businesses make an informed decision about their advertising strategy.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to reach Galveston's affluent vacationers and tourists with GuestPAL Magazine. Visit to set up a meeting and view the media kit today.

Remember, with GuestPAL Magazine, you can effectively target your audience, benefit from flexible billing options, and enjoy the best value-for-money in the vacation publication market. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and watch your business flourish in Galveston.


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