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Still Room For you

It's Spring Break again in Galveston County. The kids are out of school this week and thousands are prepared to descend onto the island for some relaxing and enjoyable fun in the sun. By now, hotels, beach rentals and b&b's would normally be packed to the gills, but no so far this year reports Gal Pal, our island roving reporter.

"While distributing the much anticipated Spring edition of GuestPAL Magazine to the many island hotels that serve as great distribution partners, we have found they are not full so far this year. When asked why, our clients are responding that the Houston Rodeo has experienced a huge influx of promotional funds to advertise the top country & western and other musical performers that will be on stage at NRG this year. Additionally, Galveston based cruises have become very popular and are actually drawing local vacationers away to the Carribeans destinations."

So, if you are a procrastinator like me, there is still time to plan that Spring Break island vacation that everyone is in need of.

Special Thanks to Gal Pal.

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