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Tydings - We've Come a Long Way

Jordan Tydings (known as Tydings) is a singer and guitarist that is local to Galveston who has been musically and instrumentally talented since a young age. At the tender age of eight, he played the violin; yet it was later in his young adult life that he began to sing. Tydings was born in Oklahoma and lived in Idaho as well as the Czech Republic. He is the son of missionaries to the Czech republic and spent his first 6 years of life there moving about on missions. Tydings became fluent in Czech at a young age and came back to the United States at age 12. He has two older sisters, one younger sister and three step brothers. (one step-brother has passed away)

There was turmoil in his family when coming back into the US. He started a blues band during this time, but had to move and leave his band behind because his mom left the family. In the aftermath, he found himself in Tulsa living with his dad, one sister and grandparents.

Tydings’ dad wanted him to be a football player, and he excelled at it, but a broken wrist stopped him in that path. Since 2012, music has been his profession and what he has most wanted to pursue. After graduating high school, Tydings left Tulsa and went to the Texas Gulf Coast. He chose Lake Jackson as his home because Texas resonated with all his values. He had steady work at a petroleum plant, but he became drawn into dealing illegal drugs and faced prison because of it. He came face to face with God over it, because although he was good at dealing, it was never a peaceful existence.

After prison, Tydings sold valves for the petrochemical industry. And after a second unrelated drug arrest, he turned to music full time. He started picking up acoustic music, playing music with other musicians and getting into reggea. Sampson, his dog, joins him at all his gigs as the venues permit. Sampson always sticks by his side and they are together through thick and thin no matter what. Tydings has his group of regulars that like to come hear him sing because he is very approachable. He creates an atmosphere of inclusion that draws people from all walks of life in.

Tydings performs both cover music and original work. His original work draws the most audience applause with it’s sense of experience and heartfelt sentiment. He plays red dirt country music which can be classified as alt country, Americana, folk, rock, bluegrass, blues, western swing and honky tonk with other multicultural music genres mixed in. He has faith in God with the reliance on knowing that there are also unconventional ways of getting in touch with God. Although he has a rough, uncut appearance, he is genuine in his Christian faith for the Lord. Nowadays, this is a great way to draw people from all walks of life into a walk with the Lord without prejudice or pretense. Find Tydings’ music online at Spotify or Apple Music.

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